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Message from the President

Brothers and Sisters,

As your President, I promise to always keep you informed as we go forward as an organization. I promise to always make this a membership driven organization and to put the needs of the cops first. Recently, as I am sure you are aware, we have taken over the contract negotiations for the department, this was no easy task but it was a necessary one. Your board has worked hard and has been diligent to strive towards the goal of being the best we can for the rank and file of this great department.

In the second quarter of 2020 we will begin contract negotiations with the city and should have more answers about a defined pension. To make it clear your board is absolutely for a defined pension, we are undoubtedly doing our due diligence to bring the best product to you.

In the upcoming months please reach out to any board member or myself about ideas you would like to see in the next contract by sending an email to aurorafop@gmail.com.Stay safe.

Fraternally Yours,
Marc Sears signature
Marc Sears
President FOP Lodge 49
President Marc Sears